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Nike Cortez has ushered in the birth of 45th anniversary, in the long years of standing tall, is actually a classic brand. As the 45th anniversary gift, joint note, of course, the first meeting with you is this Long Beach Edition.
Nike Cortez plays an important role in the early 70s the Losangeles underworld and Hip-Hop culture, so the Nike to create the Nike Cortez XLV "Long Beach County", by Losangeles on behalf of the local gang blue as the main colors, printed on the heel of Long Beach black words, and the gold thread "LBC" the tongue is embroidered, embroidered with figures 1972 and 2017 respectively, but also to homage to Losangeles. The shoes will be landed in Nike in June 1st, and the price is $100 yuan. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! Adriana Lima

Reading Guide: when we racked our brains in order to lose weight, we might as well stop and see what the people are doing. OK, the editor will enlarge the enrollment. Do you know? Skipping 30 minutes of skipping calories is even higher than running! Source: fashion COSMO
rope skipping 30 minutes faster than running thin
rope skipping 30 minutes faster than running thin

estimates that the editor doesn't say you won't know that the skipping 30 - minute calories can reach 300 calories. The same time for the fast walk is about 180 cards, jogging about 250 cards. So, you're really weak in the pain running, and the rope skipping is OK.
free and effective sports
free and effective sports

, a former professional boxer Michael Olajide, a famous Adriana Lima personal trainer, once said in a magazine that skipping is the most expensive and effective sport at present. The reason is that it can use aerobic muscles while using aerobic muscles.
Angel supermodel Adriana Lima's favorite
Angel supermodel Adriana Lima's favorite

rope skipping should be regarded as a sport she has been insisting on. The editor has seen the training video of supermodel Adriana Lim, and she has publicly expressed her training plan before her great show:
Lima loves boxing and rope skipping.
Lima said, "I exercise 7 hours a day, 2 hours a day in the gym. I mainly practise boxing and rope skipping. I don't like weightlifting or mechanical. All sports I exercise use their weight, so it's safe and not hurt.
Lima fitness photo
Lima said, "I never had a illness during my stay in the body, and I felt more energetic. Fitness should become a part of our life. I know sometimes it is hard to spare time, so I love rope skipping, because I can carry any rope at any time, and skipping does not take too long. It takes less than 1 hours, and 10 minutes is enough. And you don't need to be too fast, you don't need to roll it, you don't need it. It's easy. "
rope skipping Tips

rope skipping Tips

although rope skipping is a good way of fitness, but it is easy to be hurt easily, so pay attention to the following

1 high shoes, rope skipping should wear soft texture, light weight, avoid an ankle injury.

2, the rope is soft and hard, and the thickness is moderate. A beginner usually uses a hard rope, and it can be changed into a soft rope after being skillful.

3, choose soft and hard lawn, wooden floor and clay field better, do not jump rope on hard cement floor, so as not to damage the joints, and easy to cause dizziness. >

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